Evan Weiss, aka: the sole member of Into it. Over it. is in my opinion the best new artist of 2011, with his witty-remarked lyrics and the knack embedded in his brain to create a variation of both acoustic songs drowned in mathy, lovable riffs and straight up pop-punk injected with aggression. His most recent effort and debut record, Proper has been played non-stop since it’s September release. It leaves behind his acoustic persona and mostly focuses on the well regarded rock-revolved songs he’s known for, yet still keeping the lyrical integrity intact.

His other releases range from the overwhelmingly ambitious 52 weeks, consisting of a song recorded weekly for a year, to the town-themed Twelve Towns, and a number of splits with the likes of Koji and Such gold, it’s like the man never sleeps, and with a discography that size compiled in such a small amount of time, he deserves it.

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